Thursday, 9 August 2012

Poem: One Prayer


This is something I just wrote, something I just experienced. I want to share it with you in the hope it might help someone, and also to testify of god’s goodness and faithfulness. If it wasn’t 4:41 am at the moment I think I would be singing right now, I feel so grateful and joyous.


I hope you like the poem. god bless you.




The darkness was thick around me,
No ray of light to be found.
Deeper I sank into misery,
Despair and shame did abound.

Feeling battered and bloody from battles i faced,
Feeling helpless and hopeless and weak,
I cried out to god with all of my heart ,
"One thing alone do I seek.

"I'm tired of fighting myself and you,
I long for the trouble to cease.
But one thing dear Lord that I desperately need,
Let me again feel your peace."

a soft gentle glow seemed to brighten the darkness;
A loving hand lifted me up
Washed me anew from the sin and the shame
and wrapped me in a blanket of love.

Peace gently fell on my aching heart
As sweet as the morning dew;
I felt free for the first time in a very long time,
And all I could say was "thank you!"

One single cry from the depths of my darkness
Then came my saviour and friend
An  ever-present help in difficult times,
To heal and restore me again.

What gratitude now fills my heart!
O Jesus my words can't express,
When I needed you, you came quickly to me.
When I called, your answer was yes!

why is it we don't think to pray?
We just flounder around on our own;
But god is so willing to help us
So we don't need to struggle alone.

If we ask in the name of Jesus
And believe that our prayer will be heard,
God is faithful, loving and kind,
he will do all he said in his word.

so don't give up believing
that god will answer your prayer,
He may not always act in a moment,
But at the right time his help will be there.

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