Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Thoughts from my Grandmother's Grave

Yesterday I went to my Grandmother's grave. I was staying with my cousin in Grafton which is where Nana lived a good part of her life. My heart was aching and all I wanted to do was get back home to my computer and write.

It's  so hard to lose a  loved one. All the time i was in Grafton I kept expecting to visit her but of course she's in heaven now.

I talked about it with my Auntie and learned from her that my mother isn't coping well with Nana's loss. The sad part was, a few of us weren't able to get there in time to say goodbye to Nana and Mum was one of those. Also when someone we love dies we can think of so many things we would like to say to them but once they are gone it's too late.

As Christians we know it's not too late, we will see our loved one again in heaven. I have that comfort of  knowing Nana was a Christian and so in the sadness of her loss there is the ray of hope because I know I will see her again. I don't know how those who live without God in their lives can cope with the lost of  a loved one. God helps us, comforts us, listens to us when we want to talk or cry or even scream. he gives us his peace and he carries us when we can't go on anymore.

I wrote a poem for Nana that I want to share. I know you all didn't know her but maybe you can relate to some of this:

rest in peace, dear Nana,
close your weary eyes
and open them on heavenly vistas
of indescribable glory.

Rest in peace, dear Nana
your time on earth is done,
You lived a long life, and we
are left to mourn your loss.

Rest in peace, dear Nana,
You will never be gone from us  As long as your memory
Lives on in our hearts.

Rest in peace, dear Nana,
dance on  golden streets,
feast on heavenly delicacies
and  see clearly all the beauty around you.\

rest in peace Dear Nana,
we miss you and we love you
and for now our hearts are sad,
Because you had to go.

Rest in peace, dear Nana,
no more pain or sorrow,
Life eternal stretches before you,
Happiness, pleasure  and peace

Before she died my Nana was almost completely blind. She had bad arthritis in her knees and needed to use a walker. She also had diabetes. The thought of her feasting on heavenly delicacies, dancing and seeing clearly all the glory of heaven is comforting to me.

Thank you for reading this. god bless.