Monday, 11 April 2011

Testify, a poem

This one oi hot off the pres. Thanks for reading.

Most beautiful and glorious Lord
far above all others,
More precious than everything this world offers,
More lovely, more holy, more sweet.

yet you consider us valuable,
you willingly gave your life
And took all our sins on yourself, dear Jesus,
to redeem and ransom the lost.

You formed me in my Mother's womb,
You made me who you want me to be,
You drew me to you when I was just a child
And made me part of your family.

You gave me gifts and talents to use,
You gave me a new, clean heart,
You put me where  you want me to be
And  Lord I thank you for using me.

your spirit working in my life,
changing me from the inside out,
Fashioning Godly character in me,
Like a jeweler working with gold or silver.

yes there are trials and challenges to face,
yes there are temptations and battles,
No I will never be perfect
On this side of the grave.

But lord you are always near,
You never leave or forsake me,
Though I fail and though i fall
You never turn your love away from me.

So Lord I want to testify
Of your faithful love and mercy;
Of all you have done and are doing for me
Of the free gift of your grace.

And Lord I want to thank you
with an overflowing heart
for the work you are doing in my life
and the times when you use me.

for the Holy Spirit living in me
For your word which teaches me wisdom,
For making me part of your family
And most of all, for Christ who died for me.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

HeartSong Christian blog: Worship God Most high!

HeartSong Christian blog: Worship God Most high!: "Here is a poem I wrote today I hope you will like it. O Lord you are exalted, Far above all others, we bow down and worship You, th..."

Worship God Most high!

Here is a poem I wrote today I hope you  will like it.

O Lord you are exalted,
Far above all others,
we bow down and worship
You, the king of glory.

O majestic and holy one
My father and my Lord.
King above every other ruler,
Reigning from eternity to eternity,

I lift my hands and raise my voice
to sing of your great unfailing love ,
for you Lord gave your only son
who died on the cross to set us free.

O God most high, lord of hosts,
O lover of my soul
I will celebrate your steadfast love
with thanks for all you've done for me

And I will tell those you bring my way
of your extravagant, boundless love!
Of the sacrifice of your only son
That brings forgiveness and liberty.

And when we stand before you Lord
And kneel at your glorious throne,
Our heart's desire will be fulfilled
for we will see you clearly.

And forever stretches out
Beyond the bounds of time,
where sin and death have been destroyed
And you will reign in victory.

We'll walk with you and talk with you,
We will dance on streets of gold,
we'll joyfully, willingly serve you
And behold you reigning in majesty!